Monday, June 6, 2011

Other spaces

Just wanted to take a few moments to highlight the other hacker and maker spaces that Wisconsin has to offer.

For those in the Milwaukee area, you have two great choices of spaces Milwaukee Makerspace and Bucketworks.  Bucketworks is more focused on art and co-working, while Milwaukee Makerspace is much more focused on building, machining and hardware.  Both spaces have lots of room for projects and have great people involved.

In the Madison area is Sector67.  Sector67 is a a very well rounded space, in many ways similar to the Milwaukee Makerspace, it offers many tools to work on larger physical projects and smaller electronics projects.

The space in Wisconsin I know the least about is The FAIL, they appear to be a small group in Menomonie.  I don't know if they have space, or if they are still active, but they are listed on  Hopefully we hear more from them in the future.

Along with MakeBit, I have also been working the DHMN from Appleton and the Fox Valley area.  Currently DHMN doesn't have a space, but they do offer regular make sessions at members houses to get together and work on projects.  I have been helping them and learning so when the time comes I can take what I learn and apply it to MakeBit. If all goes well, I think DHMN will be able to get a space within the next year.

Wisconsin has a lot of talented hackers and makers! Check out a makerspace near you and start creating.

-Tim Bertram
MakeBit Founder

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