Thursday, May 23, 2013

BarCamp Fond du Lac

We will be having our first BarCamp in Fond du Lac this fall. Barcamp Fond du Lac will be held at Marian University Stayer Center on September 14th 2013. The date and venue have been picked, now its time to make it happen.  We need plenty of help with planning an organizing yet so if your interested in help, or just want some more information head on over to  If your looking for more information about what a barcamp is exactly, head on over to wikipedia and read up on it.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Maker Meetup

A new group focused on gathering makers, techs, and geeks has recently started meeting closer to the Fond du Lac area.  The new group goes under the name of Maker Meetup. Maker Meetup isn't so  much focused on creating another hacker or maker space as it it is focused on connected people with a love of technology and making.  Maker meetup currently is floating between different venues in Beaver Dam, Fond du Lac and Columbus, so watch the calendar and stop in at a meetup near you.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Makebit in 2012!

Its been almost a year since the birth of the idea of MakeBit!  Progress in 2011 has been slow, but I'm hopeful for good things to come in 2012.  MakeBit is not a forgotten project but rather still an idea that is still in the planning stages.  We have been working to build up interest and hope 2012 will bring more people who want to get involved.

MakeBit's founder Tim Bertram has been working on helping the Distributed Hacker Maker Network get off the ground and hoping to directly apply what he has learned and connections to the success of MakeBit.

If you want to get involved, join the mailing list, follow @makebit on twitter, or drop us an email. Lets grow Makebit in 2012!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Other spaces

Just wanted to take a few moments to highlight the other hacker and maker spaces that Wisconsin has to offer.

For those in the Milwaukee area, you have two great choices of spaces Milwaukee Makerspace and Bucketworks.  Bucketworks is more focused on art and co-working, while Milwaukee Makerspace is much more focused on building, machining and hardware.  Both spaces have lots of room for projects and have great people involved.

In the Madison area is Sector67.  Sector67 is a a very well rounded space, in many ways similar to the Milwaukee Makerspace, it offers many tools to work on larger physical projects and smaller electronics projects.

The space in Wisconsin I know the least about is The FAIL, they appear to be a small group in Menomonie.  I don't know if they have space, or if they are still active, but they are listed on  Hopefully we hear more from them in the future.

Along with MakeBit, I have also been working the DHMN from Appleton and the Fox Valley area.  Currently DHMN doesn't have a space, but they do offer regular make sessions at members houses to get together and work on projects.  I have been helping them and learning so when the time comes I can take what I learn and apply it to MakeBit. If all goes well, I think DHMN will be able to get a space within the next year.

Wisconsin has a lot of talented hackers and makers! Check out a makerspace near you and start creating.

-Tim Bertram
MakeBit Founder

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

RSS Feed

I have the MakeBit RSS feed setup and working.  Subscribe to the new RSS feed to keep up to date on the latest MakeBit news. The link for the feed is

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blog Fixed and Updates

The MakeBit blog is now fixed.  Hopefully should be a problem again.

I have been slowly working in the background on a few MakeBit items, scoping out location ideas and developing the business plan.  Please follow this blog, or check the mailing list, I will hopefully have more updates soon.

Saturday, February 5, 2011